How to Make a Refreshing, Zesty Michelada!

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Not your average beer -- this is a fun cocktail for a dinner party or an easy end-of-day treat.

Put the salt on a plate or shallow bowl. Spread evenly.

Slice a wedge of lime. Run it along the rim of the glass -- preferably chilled if you have time.

Place the lime-rubbed rim in the salt and move in a circular motion to coat it evenly.

Add the 1 tbsp tomato juice, 1 dash of tobasco and 2 dashes of worcester sauce.

Squeeze half of a lime into the cup. You can add more lime if you prefer a zestier taste.

Pour in the beer. You should see fizzing and bubbles.

Before serving, add some fresh black pepper to the cocktail for an aromatic finish.

Make one for a friend and enjoy this delicious, traditional Mexican cocktail. Cheers!

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