How to Make a Weird Flying Ring

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Start with a sheet of paper.

Fold the top right corner of the paper toward the bottom left corner. Create a 45 degree angle and make sure to allow the tail to be offset by about 1 inch.

Fold the folded edge of the paper over again about 3/8".

Fold it over 2 more times.

Run your thumbs from the center of the fold towards the edge and help the folds gently curve.

Bring the two ends together to make a loop (tab into slot) and add a dab of glue or tape to hold them together

Grip the tail with 2 or 3 fingers. Use a similar motion that you'd use to throw darts. And then release by fully extending your arm.

Amaze your friends. Amazement and flying results may vary.

Watch the video: Make a Mama Bug Air-Surf Glider


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