How to Create a Faded Nail Polish

First get your materials3 base colors, a spongy eyeshadow brush, and the sparkle nail polishes are optional.

You want to put your colors in order from darkest to lightest going up. So I'm going to start with the dark blue at the bottom of my nail.

Paint a line of your color (doesn't matter if it's messy) and then take the eyeshadow brush and dab around the top of the polish. It should start to look faded.

Then take your next color and paint a line above the first color. Use the brush to fade the bottom of the line into the first color and the top of the line.(Looks messy but that's why I have sparkles)

Last, paint the tip of your nail. Use the brush to fade the last color into the middle color by dabbing it. You can finish with a clear coat if you want, but I am using a sparkle coat.

I am using sparkles that match the colors of my already painted nail. You could just coat your nail in the white sparkles if you don't have colored sparkles.

You don't have to use the brush to blend the sparkles. Just dabbing the polish brush should work. This is what is should look like when you are done. Apply a clear coat if you want it to last longer.

You can do the fading trick to all your nails but I was short on time so I just painted them and applied sparkles! So ta-da! Hope you enjoy this look!

Watch the video: Perfect French Fade - Natural Nail. ImGirlYouDontKnow

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