How to Cook the Best Mi Goreng

The star of the show.

Firstly boil a small pot of water.

Remove the flavouring packets. This is the chilli, oil and soy sauce.

Remove the seasoning and fried onions.

Mix the seasoning with the chilli, oil and soy sauce. (leave out the fried onions until last!!!)

One the water boils add the noodles and lower the heat to low.

Here's the crucial part that really affects its taste. I find that most people will leave the noodles to cook for 3 minutes. (as the packet says) but for the best noodles cook for only 1 minute.

Remove the water and allow the noodles to cook off heat. That's the secret ;)

Mix your noodles through the sauce. Get all that gooey goodness!

Garnish with the fried onions and enjoy! :)

Watch the video: Mi Goreng Street Food in Zamboanga City Philippines

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