How to Cook Creamy Potato and Spring Onions Soup

Mise en placewash,peel and quarter potatoes; coarsely chop white onion and white part of spring onions

Sauté onions and spring onions in olive oil for about 3 mins or until wilted

Add potatoes and stock. Bring to a boil and allow to simmer for 20 mins

When potatoes are tender, use immersion mixer to mash the potatoes til smooth. Or when using a blender, allow soup to cool a bit, blend in parts , then return to pot. You may also use a potato masher.

Leave some potato chunks for texture.

Add the rest of the spring onions .season with salt and pepper to taste. ;) add about 1/3 cup of table cream before switching fire off.

Watch the video: Cream of Green Garlic u0026 Potato Soup Recipe - Cream of Potato Soup with Garlic

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