How to Make a Healthy Paleo Green Omelette

Add a pinch of sea salt to the eggs and whisk them smooth.

Chop the spring mix to smaller pieces

A thin slice of unsalted butter for the omelette

Wash the lettuce leaves and blot the moisture using a kitchen towel

Fresh berries for the side

(optional) left over veggies. Chop and slice them fine

Leave the pan on high heat for 2-3 mins turn down the heat to medium high. Toss in the butter and add the spring-mix and veggies to the pan. Sautee for 1min. Pour beaten eggs evenly over the veggies

Let it cook on simmer (2mins) until the egg is firm.

Turn over and let it cook for 30secs

Omlette on the lettuce. Berries on the side!. Voila! Your healthy start for the day is ready. Psst... Try this. Take a medium slice of that Omlette and wrap the lettuce around it - Crunchy wrap! yum

Eat healthy!

Watch the video: I Tried The Paleo Diet For A Week

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