How to Roast Coffee Beans With a Popcorn Maker

SAFETY REMINDERyou will be working with fire and a very hot popcorn maker. Only touch the wooden parts of the Whirly-Pop during and after the process.

VENTILATION ISSUESRoasting coffee is a smokey process. A well ventilated area is required. You will set off smoke alarms if you haven't prepared your space in advance or used a vented hood.

These are green coffee beans. I get mine at or

Set one or two baking sheets out, preferably near an open window if you are roasting indoors.

Use a kitchen scale to measure 8 ounces of green beans. Place them in a bowl or small container near the stove or burner where you will be roasting your beans.

With your timer and beans nearby, preheat the Whirly-pop over a low to medium flame for two minutes. If you are using a thermometer, 400° is your target.

Set your timer to 15 minutes and start it right away. You're ready to start roasting . It usually takes between eight and 15 minutes to roast the beans depending upon the region and type of roast.

Open the half-lid on the Whirley-Pop and add the green beans. You will continuously crank the popper throughout the process.

Between three and six minutes after you start, you will hear a sharp popping sound similar to popcorn popping. This is the "first crack." This lasts for one or two minutes.

2 to 4 minutes after the first crack, you will hear more cracking that sounds similar to Rice Krispies cereal in milk. This is the "second crack." Remove anytime afterwards to your preferred roast.

Remove the beans from the flame when they're slightly lighter than you like them. Quickly dump them on the baking sheet and shake the sheet to distribute evenly.

Let the beans cool completely on the baking sheet.

After the beans cool down, immediately store them in an airtight bag or container that includes a 1–way valve which removes air from the bag. Only grind the beans when you're ready to use them.

ROASTING NOTESLight to medium roasts generally occur between first and second crack. Darker roasts occur after the second crack. Adjust the flame as needed during the process.

FINAL THOUGHTSMonitor smells, sounds, flames, and the color of the beans throughout the process. also has a great library to learn more about coffee. It is fun and tasty.

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