How to Create a Cute Braided Hairstyle!

First off, get all your supplies ready. You're not going to want to run around looking for things

Separate your bangs and part your hair down the middle, all the way down the back.

Tie one side over with a pony tail so it's out of the way. Clip your bangs to that side to keep them from getting in your face while trying to work.

Get a small amount of your styling product or gel (enough to cover the tip of your finger).I like to use sculpting mud or another thick product to make sure everything sticks.

Work the product all thought the side of your hair that you're working with. Then brush it straight back.

French braid the side of hair and end it with a pony tail. I will be making a video soon on French braiding.

Repeat steps 4-6 for the other side.

Now comes the hard part. Take the braid on the left side and take out the pony tail. Take the end and slide it over and a little under the braid on the right. I like to use big roller pins.

Then take the right side and pull it over the left. Tuck it a little under the left braid. Make sure your pins are secure!!

You can do your bangs however you prefer. I like mine in a little bump. Finish off with a healthy coat of hairspray.

There ya go! A cute braided hairstyle :) hope you guys like it! I you have any questions ask in the comments and I'll try my best to help :)

Watch the video: HOW TO BRAID YOUR OWN HAIR. Maryam Maquillage

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