How to The Easiest Way to Cut & Enjoy Grapefruit

One grapefruit has about 100 calories, 4 g of fiber, 70% of the RDA of vitamin A, and 200% the RDA of vitamin C. It also boosts the metabolism, and the pink variety has the antioxidant, lycopene.

Cut the grapefruit in half.

Cut the halves in half to create quarters.

Score one side of each quarter at exactly the line between the fruit and the peel.

Peel away the skin like peeling a banana. Keep your thumb close to the fruit and apply light pressure to separate the fruit from the peel.

If necessary run your thumb around the outer edge of each quarter to perforate the pith before beginning to peel. The peel should come off in one piece and the fruit should not be bruised.

If any pith remains attached to the fruit lightly pull it off the back. Some may remain but most should come off easily. Enjoy!

Check for counter-indications between grapefruit and any medicine you may be taking. Grapefruit can weaken the potency of certain medicine when eaten at or around the same time as taking the medicine.

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