How to Cross Stitch on Any Fabric

Gather supplies

Cut a piece of the waist canvas. Slightly larger than your pattern.

Place your waist canvas where you want your design to be.

Use a running stitch to baste on the waist canvas.

Split your embroidery floss from 6 strands to 2.

Center the waist canvas and fabric in your hoop.

Measure, and mark the center of your canvas.

Mark the center of your pattern.

Make a diagonal stitch from bottom left to upper right.

Then make a stitch from upper left to bottom right

Continue these two stitches...

Until your pattern is complete

Next remove basting stitches and trim waist canvas closer to the design's edge.

Wet the waist canvas until softened.

Remove each thread of the waist canvas. Be sure to pull out and not up.

Discard piles of waist canvas

Wait for fabric to dry and enjoy! Wanna see what will be come of this cute little piece be sure to check out my blog!

Watch the video: How to cross stitch faster: the sewing method to cross stitch twice as fast

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