How to Teach Your Dog Paw

Dogs are naturally creative animals. If one method isn't working to get what they want, they try another and another until they get it. Teaching PAW will force your dog to think outside the box.

Paw can be tricky to teach depending on the dog. Try to be creative if this method doesn't work for you. Start by putting the dog in SIT (you can see my other guides for help on this).

I put the treat in an almost closed fist to start. This is enough that the dog can lick at it, smell it, but not get it out. This method starts to force the dog to be creative.

Your dog will try everything in the book to get the treat from you. All you have to do it wait...

For the paw! Once your dog tries his paws to get the treat from you, give him the treat.

Do that a few times until its an automatic response to use a paw. Then you can start opening up your hand a little until its flat like you're waiting for a low-five. Then you can introduce PAW.

My dog in particular was stubborn to PAW, as he never use his paws for anything but walking. I had to be creative and hold his nose loosely until he got annoyed and used his paws. Be creative!

Here's what it should look like in the end.

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