How to Make Up Guide: Bronze/beach Look

Use a creamy bronze jumbo pencil to base eye shadow. don't go all the way in or out. W/ a creamy white jumbo pencil, create a line above inner corner of the eye w/c will serve as base to highlight.

Get a shimmery mocha brown eye shadow and pat the pigments from the inner corner going 3/4 out.

Take a rusty bronze e/s & pat it on the outer corner of the eye going in to the middle of lid. Blend out highlight going up to that area below the brow & layer that with white e/s.

Line upper lash line w/brown liner and blend out. Mix the two shades of e/s used earlier and run it along the lower lash line, Blend that and pigments on your lid using a med. e/s brush.

Make sure pigments connect through the outer corner of the eye. Use a white liner to line lower waterline. Curl lashes & apply mascara. Take a purple-y stain pen stain to color lips and top it off

With a liquid stain in pink. Once dry, I'm going to apply gloss on the heart area of my lips to make it look plump. I'm gonna set my face with a powder to take out shine if theres any. And I'm done.

We're done. Thank you for viewing this guide.

Watch the video: Summer Easy Glowy Bronze n Kohl Makeup Look

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