How to Draw the Brachial Plexus

Download and print a blank template (PDF) for the drawing at

Begin by adding the roots.

Add the contribution of C4 to C5.

Add the upper, middle, and lower trunks.

Add the anterior divisions.

Add the posterior divisions.

The anterior divisions of the upper and middle trunks become the lateral cord. The three posterior divisions become the posterior cord. The anterior division of the lower trunk becomes the medial cord

Add the long thoracic nerve (1).

Add the dorsal scapular (2), suprascapular (3), and subclavian (4) nerves.

Add the lateral pectoral (5) nerve.

Add the upper (6), middle (7), and lower subscapular (8) nerves.

Add the medial pectoral (9), medial brachial cutaneous (10), and medial antebrachial cutaneous (11) nerves.

Add the musculocutaneous (12), median (13), and ulnar (14) nerves.

Add the axillary (15) and radial (16) nerves.

Watch the video: Shoulder Anatomy Animated Tutorial

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