How to Create Arizona Green Tea Nails

These are the polishes I used. Get an inkless pen or a pin to dot polish on later.

Wash your hands and remove any old polish. Apply a base coat and let it dry.

Apply a coat of the minty green color. Apply another coat if needed.

Place a dot of black polish on your paper.

Quickly dap your pen/pin into the polish. Make sure you have enough on the end.

Draw branch like lines on your nail. Don't over think this too much just keep a steady hand.

Place a dot of the peach/pink polish on the paper.

Draw hearts(flower buds) or flowers on the branch design. Connect four dots for the flower or two for the heart.

Add a dot in the middle of the full flowers.

-Horrible quality sorry- Now just apply a top coat and your done! You can choose to paint which ever ones you want.

Watch the video: Arizona Green Tea - Ice Cream Rolls. how to make fried Ice Cream with Green Tea and Matcha. ASMR

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