How to Use Your iPhone to Track Exercise

Connect Wahoo key to iPhone 30-pin connector

Launch the Wahoo Fitness app or any app that is compatible with the Wahoo key (over 75 apps - see

Choose your activity. Common uses, using a treadmill, cycling, gym calorie burn, etc.

Wahoo Fitness app tracking screen

Attach Stride sensor to your shoes

Use a ANT+ heart rate strap

The Wahoo key and app are compatible with ANT+ sensors such as cycling power meters and cadence sensors

Warm up on treadmill, accurate stride and distance tracked. HR & calories tracked.

Screen two, also note the Wahoo Fitness app can use GPS to track distance if cycling or running outside.

Stats page

All data is exportable, I export to Nike+ and Garmin Connect.

With the Wahoo Key, a compatible app and ANT+ sensors your iPhone can act as the hub of your exercise tracking. Replacing your dedicated HRM watch, cycle computer, GPS watch, etc.

I found the Wahoo key by chance when I saw it mentioned in the update for Walkmeter. I researched at, purchased it and the Garmin foot pod from Amazon.

I use this setup everyday. I highly recommend you research this setup for your own exercise routines. My favorite use case is tracking Treadmill workouts.

Watch the video: iOS iPhone HEALTH APP TUTORIAL

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