How to Create a Banner Birthday Card


count out letters to be used in banner and select paper colors. (example h-a-p-p-y = 5)

cut out skinny diamond shapes on each colored cardstock paper, to be folded in half in triangle shape(s)


fold diamonds in half and attach individual scrapbook letters to each piece

scrapbooking pieces

align letters along a piece of string to estimate needed space, then tie off ends and mark/tape location of string start and finish on the card


using hot glue gun, glue diamonds on the inside, folding together to secure (triangle) piece along string. then using small dabs of hot glue, secure the ends of string to cardstock at marked spots.

(optional) add a contrasting cardstock paper in front of original cardstock paper using rubber cement

happy birthday, thika

(optional)matching cards

Watch the video: Illustrator tutorials: how to design a Birthday banner easy

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