How to Make an Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad

Ingredientsarugula, pine nuts, diced avocado, olive oil, salt, dried cranberries, balsamic, big bowl to mix it all.

Throw your clean arugula into salad bowl

Put your cranberries in, however much looks good to you

Add pine nuts

Add crumbled goat cheese

Add diced/bite size avocado

Add pinch of salt (adjust salt amount if needed after tasting finished salad)

Add 3 parts olive oil, I just go around the bowl three times.

Add one part balsamic (you could mix the salt , 3tbs of olive oil and 1tbsp of balsamic all together then pour over salad if you don't like the eyeball it method)

Toss all ingredients until well mixed

Put salad on a plate and CHOW down!

Watch the video: Rock it! My 3 favorite Rocket Salads

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