How to Make a Fish Tail Using Only 1 Hair Band

Everyone knows how to do a fish tail {herringbone}

but not many people know how to successfully make a fish tail {or herringbone} with only 1 hair band. It is a little harder to do, but looks prettier that a normal fish tail in the end.

you start out with shoulder-length or longer hair

I highly suggest you brush or comb hair BEFORE braiding

What works best for me is Wen by Chaz Dean. I swear. That comb it magic.

Divide the hair into two sections, like you would do in the start of a normal fish tail {herringbone}

take a small section of hair closest to the face. Bring that section to the other side tightly

Do the same but from the other side. Repeat these steps from left, to right , to left, to right…and so on.

for a more laid-back look, make a loose braid by using bigger sections and not tightening

for a tighter look, use medium sized sections. After each time you cross over, pull as if you were tightening a ponytail

Watch the video: How to do a Dutch Fishtail Braid - Hair by Katie D

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