How to Cook Marinated Asparagus

The asparagus should be steamed. The lid's weight helps contain the steam. The steamer is a combo steamer/pasta kettle I found at Williams-Sonoma.

Use one or two bundles of asparagus

Cut off 1" to 2" from the ends

Add water

Boil the water

Place the asparagus in the steamer basket. Place the basket over the steamer & cover.

Steam for four minutes - exactly

After four minutes remove the asparagus from the steam. Shower with cool water until the asparagus can be handled comfortably


Garlic & vinegar are essential.

The asparagus and marinade are to combined and stored in a gallon size zip loc bag.

Place the asparagus in the zip loc bag

Add the bottle of marinade

Seal up the zip loc & refrigerate! Serve chilled. Crumbled feta cheese on top is a nice touch. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Pickled Asparagus Recipe. FAST and Delicious Spicy Pickled Asparagus

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