How to Get Tools Needed for Nail Art

Paint brushes. Where to buyany hobby store, local Walmart, or Sally's beauty store.

Stripers Usesto add a straight line. Stripes, and many different designs. Where to buya local Sally's beauty store, online (eBay, Walmart even sells kiss polishes with a Striper.

Toothpicks Usesto fill in designs, and to add dots to designs. Also used to pick up rhinestones when the tip is dipped in clear polish, or water. Where to buyWalmart or Sally's for larger one.

Dotting tools Usesbasically used like a toothpick but with better results. Also different sizes available. Where to buyonline, Sally's beauty store.

These are the tools that I use to add designs and effects to my designs. Please post questions about any other tools I may have forgotten. Enjoy!

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