How to Reduce the Fizziness of Canned Pop or Soda

Drinking carbonated soda pop right out of the can gives my sweetie hiccups. Every single time. To avoid this, I take some of the fizz out before I serve it to her.

Start with your soft carbonated beverage of choice and a glass.

Get a good grip and shake it hard for a little while, at least 10-20 seconds. Really.

Do not rip the tab and "just open" the can. If you do that, the pop will spray and spill everywhere as you'd expect. If anyone witnesses that, you will hear "I told you so" echoing in your nightmares.

Now gently, slowly, carefully pry up the tab until you just barely break the seal and gas starts to hiss out. Once the gas starts to hiss, stop pulling and wait for the hissing to stop.

Open the can and proceed to pour. Start with the can just over the glass, but if you want to get extra fizz out, you can raise the can and pour from higher over the glass. Don't overdo it.

Let the foam settle and you're done! There was supposed to be photo of the finished glass of ginger ale here, but this took way too long and she was really thirsty.

Watch the video: Cervicogenic Dizziness: Physical Therapy Webinar

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