How to Make a Scrapbook Banner

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Fold your sheet of scrapbook paper in half. Place the ruler diagonally to trace a line that will make a triangle.

Repeat for the other side to complete your triangle and repeat across the paper.

Cut out the triangles. You can also use the one that is facing upwards. However, you would have to glue the edges that are not joined. (See later steps.) for now just use the complete ones.

Now fold your scrapbook triangles and grab your glue and string or whatever you prefer to use.

Leave extra string to the left of the triangle for easier hanging. Open the triangle and place glue along the crease. Place the string directly on top of the glue and string and fold the triangle.

Like so. Space out your flags as much as you would like.

Glue separated edges of extra triangle from earlier step. It will look like the bottom triangle. Glue string to that crease.

Repeat along the string adding as much space and as many triangles for desired length.

Tadaaa! Finished product. Looks better at a party! You can personalize each triangle by adding a letter to each one to spell out something or adding photos.

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