How to Use Left Over Ham From Easter

Here is all the ingredients. Really you can use any kind of bread and fixings. The important parts are Ham, mayo, relish, pepper salt and bread. I do like the hard boiled egg to. That is up to you

First. Layer in a good amount of mayo to both sides of the roll. Then a lighter layer of relish on both sides. Pepper and salt.

Layer in lettuce. Not to much or you won't have room for the rest. Spread a line of mayo over that.

Add ham,egg and onion or whatever else you like. Next you need to grab the sub roll N fold it over while holding in the ingredients with your fingers and press the sides together on a flat surface.

The folding process condenses the ingredients and makes it easier to handle. Cut in Half and serve. Some would say it's easier to make ham salad but I like the way the favors are separated here.

Watch the video: Leftover Spiral Ham Ideas

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