How to Cook Passatelli

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This is an old recipe from my mom, and i wanted it to be my first guide. Pls feel free to correct my english and to tell me how can i improve guide

It's a simple recipe (just need to say 1, 2, 3 and you'll rember it) perfect for a raining day.

First al all gather what you needegg (1 per person), flour, parmesan, grated bread, broth, nutmeg

And a potato ricer

Put the broth in a pot on slow flame

Break the egg in a container

For every egg add 1 spoon of flour

2 spoons of parmesan

3 spoons of bread

How many nutmeg you want (i like it a lot)

Mix everything (it will be quite hard)

Put the mixture in the potato ricer

Now the broth should be boiling (make the flame faster). Call a man to help you and make him smash the mix inside the broth (cut the end with a knife)

It will cook very fast, so be careful (see the video and u'll understand that is very very fast)

Buon appetito!

If you want the passatelli to be more soft put 3 spoons of parmesan and only 2 of bread. If you want it more smooth and hard use more flour. If you want it less smooth add more bread.

Just try out which combination do you prefer. Near the see they also eat it with sea food (a little tomato and some mussels and clams)

Watch the video: VideoRicette. Kenwood Cooking Chef - Passatelli in brodo


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