How to Polish Combat Boots

Everything you need!

Start with the toothbrush, get a lot of polish on it.

Use it to get the seams in between the sole and the actual boot.

One you have gone around the boot, take the small round brush and move it in a circular motion in the polish.

Apply a liberal amount to the toe until its greyish and cloudy.

Continue to apply polish till the entire boot is cloudy and grey.

Once complete put that boot to the side and repeat the steps to the second dirty boot.

Pick the first boot back up and use the large brush to brush off the polish that's been seeping into the pores of the leather.

Use broad strokes in multiple directions to remove the excess polish. Try to lose as little contact with the boot as possible.

Next, while firmly holding the boot, take an old pair of ladies nylons, and stretch it tight across the toe and rub quickly until you here squeaking.

Voila! Shiny boots that are up to military standards.

Watch the video: Palcaty Polish Stick Fighting With Richard Marsden

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