How to Teach Your Dog to Play Peekaboo

Have your dog sit directly behind and about two feet away. Call his name for attention.

With a treat in your hand lean over and show him the treat. Use the cue peekaboo.

Use the treat to lore her through your legs. Keep the treat close to her nose. Use the cue.

To bring him into position allow him to nibble on the treat.

Have her hold the sit and look at you before giving the reward.

Introduce the the hand signal (Hands on Hips) once your dog moves freely under you. As he begins to move on the hand signal eliminate the cue and lure.

Practice and patience and your dog will be able to play peekaboo from across the room or yard. Be sure to add some distractions. Attention is important so call your dogs name before giving hand cue .

Let's take a look at the teaching sequence and the trick. If you want your dog to stand rather than sit hold the treat level with his nose rather than lifting it up.

Go ahead teach your dog this trick and be sure to take Bubba's advice and have some fun while you do it. See you next time.

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