How to Tune a Snare Drum

Drums need to be tuned just like any other instrument. The snare drum is the primary drum of any set. Having your snare drum in tune is very important to sound good in a band.

To start out, turn off the snares. This makes it easier to hear the pitch while tuning. The snares are on the bottom side. -The snares are what make the snare drum sound different from any other drum.

Turn the drum key to tighten or loosen the screws.

Use a drum stick to tap the corners where the screws are. Make the pitch match on all of the screws. Sometimes, replacing the drum head is necessary.

Turn the snare Upside down to tune the bottom. Both sides need to be in tune. The head on the bottom should be tuned at a higher pitch than the head on top.

To hear the bottom head more clearly, use a stick to hold the snares up. This step can be skipped. It's just to hear more clearly.

Match the tones that the corners make. You'll have to listen closely. Once your finished tuning, play the drum to hear if it sounds right. It's normal to play around with tuning.

Watch the video: Tuning the Snare Drum

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