How to cook borani plov

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Put the washed rice and pumpkin cubes into the pan,add the milk,sugar,butter,salt and cook it on average gas for 30 min. Cook the smoked fish in aluminiumfoil.

The ingredients: 400g. Rice, 4 glasses of milk, 150 g. Butter, 400 g. Pumpkin, 100 g. Sugar, some salt, a smoked fish.

Wrap the fish into the aluminiumfoil.

Cook it in the oven for 10 min.

Put the washed rice and pumpkin cubes into the pan.

Add milk.

Add the sugar.

Add the butter.

Add some salt and stir it.

Cook it on the average gas for 30 min. Enjoy the borani plov (rice with pumpkin) with the smoked fish.

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