How to draw a fun cartoon character

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Firstly, we'll start with the eyes. Cartoon characters have big eyes in proportion to their body

I gave my character's eyes a manga-style sparkle (using circles in the corners to represent light)

A big smile means a lot of happy thoughts! :)

A big tongue to go with the babyface

Shape his head (I'm always terrible at this, but depending on where he is looking, the back of the head on one side should bulge out more than on the side he's facing side)

Neck and "shoulders"

Big long arms, but still very thin in proportion to the rest

Big friendly hands. In cartoons, it doesn't matter how many fingers your character has, but I'm a realistic kind of person, so I did five anyway :)

Other hand :)

Finish off his shirt, give it a bit of a wave at the bottom

His lower body and legs, thin and short to emphasise the size of his head

I gave him pockets and socks, because he looked a bit too simple

One shoe (rounded at the end, because I like drawing 3D more fun than 2D)

The other shoe (try not to get them bigger than the hands)

I still want to give him hair, but that will mean rubbing away half his head, so don't do this if you don't have a good eraser

And there you have it! Your fun cartoon character!

I hope you enjoyed the guide :) If you had any problems, just ask me in the comments, good luck drawing :)

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