How to harness the honey from peaches

Got peaches that are too soft to eat? Perfect! They are ready to release their honey.

Rinse off your peaches and inspect for "bad" spots. Cut those out.

Set a strainer in a large pot with nothing in the pot. We are just separating the juices from the peach pieces.

Cut the peelings off and place in pot. Yes I'm sure. Then cut off the "meat" of the peach and dice and put in. Yep all in.

All you got left is this part with the pit. Uh, yep..drop it in too!

Like so.

For every peach add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar. This is depending how sweet or sour the peaches are.

Straight on the batch.

Like so.

Stir it in.

Like so.

Lid on.

With heat on low, just watch the peach pieces dissolve.

Here's the first check just after 5 min. See how it's already releasing liquid?

Stir it up.

Second check just 10 min later. How fast it breaks down depends on how soft your peaches are.

Lid back on. Allow few more minutes.

Oh yeah. Less and less.

Lookie there! When it looks like all you have left is scraps. Time to check the honey.

There it is! This is purely what has dripped out of the strainer. Nothing else. That's why the heat is on low to slowly thicken this peach/sugar juice into "honey".

Turn heat off. Strain well. I'm using my strainer over a rack on the pot.

Pour it all through a mesh strainer.

Allow to strain.

Now that see it? That's peach honey.

Pour into your honey pot.

Cap on.

Now you can label this so every one knows what it can choose not to label and hide in the back of the fridge. Your choice. 😉

Peach Honey...the closest humans can get to making our own.

Make a dimple in your cat head biscuit..dab o' butter..pool of peach honey. My! Oh My! Let me get a bite of that.

😋😋😋 Enjoy!

Watch the video: CANNING PEACHES WITHOUT SUGAR. EASY u0026 QUICK. The Havens Tribe

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