How to prepare falafel--multi grain & no gluten

This recipe makes around 50 peices. That will make 15-18 sandwiches. Good for a Sunday party

This recipe, nearest to the Lebanese version, is more of a complete protein; mixing garbanzo beans and Lima beans. no Fluor. But I Added seeds and turmeric to give it a more healthy dimension.

These are the dried and peeled Lima beans

Soak the beans for at least 12 hrs. Changing the water 2-3 times.

The beans already soaked and the grains

Spices , onion, garlic and the cilantro

Put all the ingredients in the food processor. And make a sort of a paste. Ready to be fried. Or can be kept closed in the fridge until needed.

Form the traditional small flat round hamburgers. ; I do it by hand. There is a special utensil to do that... But I don't have it. Deep fry them in very hot oil. Out and on kitchen paper.

The deep fried falafel

Ingredients for the garnish

Ingredients for the tahine sauce. Please refer to my guide how to prepare tahine sauce

Here are the garnish. Cut paesley, tomatoes, onions sprinkled with sumac

Lebaneses bread

Cut in halves

The small hamburgers fried

In a half moon put 3 peices of falafel put the garnish and the tahine sauce. Yummy

This recipe; nearest to the Lebanese version, is a more of a complete protein by mixing garbanzo beans and dried Lima beans. But no flour. And + grains and turmeric to give healthy dimension.

This recipe is the nearest to the Lebanese version; garbanzo beans and dried Lima beans. But here I do not use flour and I add seeds and curcuma

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