How to make a cobra stitch out of any rope material

Any type of rope or string will work!

Now in this one I am using paracord 550

Cut about 16 inches long and fold it in half for the base.

Cut about a 4 foot long for the color design of the cobra stitch, and fold it in half. Then your going to want to put the half of the string behind the base.

Make a loop over the base


Under the base then threw the loop.

Then tighten it together

Start every time on the loop that is made so the left and then the right next time.

Over the string

Under the base

Threw the loop then tighten

Now keep repeating the steps until you are at your preferred length.

When you are done for the material I'm using you would cut off the material and melt it in but for other materials you can just tie it in a knot.

This is what it looks like when your finished. Mine is a keychain, you can use hoops and other accessories to hook on the the loop. I made this one a little bit shorter then what an 8 inch is usually.

Watch the video: How to Make a Paracord knife Handle Wrap-Reef KnotSquare Knot Version - CBYS

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