How to make shawarmah شاورما шаурмы ливанская кухня

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One can always buy the spices mix 'shawarma spice mix'. also, I suppose it will be available on line.

Olive oil, vinegar, onion, garlic and spices: cardamom ( هال)cinnamon, miskeh, (مسكه( cloves, peppercorns, (turmeric is my addition), mahlab(محلب)and of course salt. You can get the spices mix ready.

In a food processor, Put the onions, the garlic, the spices. Reduce to a coarse paste. Transfer to a big bowl. Add olive oil and vinegar. It is the marinade.

This is the marinade.

Add the meat cut into strips like above

Mix well and Leave overnight. Or you can freeze them until needed.

After at least 12-24 hrs and before cooking. Strain them from extra liquid

Put in a very hot skillet

In 1-2 mins the meat will give out its juice. At this point

Cover and cook in its juice for 5 mins

5 mins after the juice is reabsorbed by the meat. Continue to dry it stirring non stop

It will dry out and when it starts sticking on the pan

Deglaze by 1TBsp of lemon juice. Or just water. It will give a creamy consistency. Divine and flavorful

Serve. This is one proposition. The garnish is traditionally onions tomatoes parsley and tahini sauce

Here I minced parsley, mixed it with the tahini (actually it is a dip presented in the traditional mezze). Red onions cut into wedges and sprinkled with sumac and the tomato wedges

Another disposition . It all depends on the kind of meal you are serving, and of course the amount.

Individual serving for a seated dinner??

Sprinkle sumac for the look

Personally, for big party buffet, I serve it as a salad. So, guests can be served much quicker. So ??? Up to you


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