How to make a turkey cake

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Set up a cookie tray with parchment paper

Get a royal icing recipe and make the icing. Then prepare your piping back (shown later in the tutorial) and pipe your feathers on the paper. You do this with the 366 tip

Face the tip up and down like a birds beak. If you want the feathers to be fat, pipe it slowly and with pressure. If you want it to be thin, go fast and light.

Work fast so the icing doesn't dry while your working with it. I did 4 different feather colors. Once you are ahoy with your feathers, leave them out to dry for 30 hours.

Get your dyes together. I use the Wilton dye because it does not alter the texture of the icing.

Get your frosting.

Color the frosting. I did four colors in four separate bowls. I had about 3/4 a cup of frosting in each bowl

Get tip 104 and put it on the piping bag. Fold half the bag inside out to put in the frosting

Then, put the frosting in the bag.


Now, you take the tip and point the fat side down. When you start piping, bring the bag up and then down to create a feather look. Start from the bottom row and make your way to the top.

Then do the whole cake (try not to make it as messy as mine!)

Now ice the top with your next color. After this I put it in the fridge for an hour because the frosting was really soft.

Meanwhile, make the face. I tok a cookie and put on chocolate chip eyes and a royal icing beak.

Now, take your cake out and center the cookie on your cake, this souls look like a face

Now, take your 352 tip and fill it with a new color. Pipe it around the middle of your cake. Don't go all the way off the edge. You take the tip and point it like a bird beak, up and down.

Pipe this color around your cake. I did 3 different colors because I didn't make enough dye to go around the whole cake. At the end it should look kind of like a feather.

Now put it in the fridge for another 30 minutes.

Lastly, take the 21 tip and pipe stars wherever around the turkey's border. You can also do this around where the frosting lines stop and start.

Boom. Turkey cake

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