How to tie off a quilt

If you don't have a sewing machine that will quilt, tying off a quilt is a great idea. Secure knots that won't unravel are key! The knots hold the front, back and batting secure for washing.

Pin the quilt in a pattern that makes sense and keeps sections about 4 to 6 inches.

Thread the needle with embroidery thread in a complementary color. Create a single stitch that leaves a small space.

Loop the short end over as if tying a shoe. Pull snug.

Next, loop over twice--this is the step that secures the knot tight so it won't unravel.

Pull tight to secure.

Use scissors (or seem splitter like I did) to trim ends to same length and free your needle with thread for the next one.

Now the quilt front, back and batting are secure for washing and using your quilt! Grab a good book and cup of tea and curl up toasty and warm!

Watch the video: How to Tie off Your Quilting Thread Tails Securely - Quilting Basics Tutorial #9 with Leah Day

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