How to make a tardis ornament

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Squirt inside of ornament with paint and swirl to cover. Set upside down on paint jar for paint to drain out of ornament. (Do this step 2-3 times, letting dry in between each coat)

Paint a solid black circle on top of ornament. Let first coat dry, then paint a second coat. I used nail polish on the outside painting. Made a more solid coverage, not easily scratched off.

Paint three white squares, again letting dry between coats, for solid coverage.

Outline 'windows' with nail polish.

Printing the side wording as tiny as I could, I still needed to make 'squiggly' lines, representing words.

Use a white marker and print Police Box on top of ornament.

Hang on tree & admire your 'Time and relative dimension in space' ornament.

Watch the video: DIY Waterless Snow Globe Ornament


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