How to make a bucket stool

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These buckets cost me R39 each

I asked a great kitchen business (Heavenly kitchens) to help cut the wood for me.

You can get the sponge thicker if you want.

Center wood in middle of sponge, material & plastic

Pull material & plastic fairly firmly & staple on opposite sides.

Do the same in the centre of the 4 sides, keeping material & plastic firmly together.

Keep material tight under plastic.

Fold flaps to the side using scissors to straigthen, work anti-clockwise with folds so that you staple on top of each other.

Attach wood with screws. (I marked the wood strip & on the seat before so that it is centered)

And there's a comfortable, solid stool!

Use on patio, kitchen, kids rooms, school classroom etc. My art class is in lilac, lime, orange & yellow. You can have fun with colored or patterned materials!

Great "secret" storage!!!

Watch the video: How to clean bucket. Removing tough lime scaling. Using Harpic. #plasticBucketCleaning


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