How to smoke the world's best butt

Always clean your work surfaces!! Tools, hands, grill, prep surface.

Prepare your Green Egg grill by cleaning out ash and small charcoal.

Soak your wood chips for a minimum of one hour. I used a combo of mesquite and hickory. It brings our different flavors in the meat and adds depth of flavor

Make your favorite butt rub. You can buy them at the market and modify it to your taste. I added brown sugar to this one because I think it makes a better bark. More on that a little later :).

Score the fat on the butt with a sharp knife. This allows the rub and smoke to penetrate this layer. Helping it cook all the way through.

Now it is time to rub your butt. As expected, use both hands and get down and dirty :)

Now that you have rubbed your butt and covered it with spices and herbs, its time to get your grill right.

I like to get my grill up to 600 degrees. Then I back it down to 250-300 degrees.

I place a thermometer probe inside the butt and connect it to the transmitter. The probes need to measure the temp in the center of the butt. This will determine if it has cooked through.

Once my grill has had time to heat up, it will hold a relatively close temperature when opened. Inside I place a small rack over the coals and my drained wood chips.

Over the wood chips, goes the plate setter. On top goes the drip pan.

finally, I place the the grill on top of the plate setter. The butt is placed in the V rack on top of the grill.

1 2 3 4 5 6 hours!!

After 6 hours on the grill the butts look like this. A very dark bark has formed and the internal temp is around 160 degrees

With two large pieces of aluminum foil, fold them together to make one single piece. These will be used to wrap the butts for the final hour.

Place the butt in the foil and wrap that baby up.

Both butts are fully wrapped and resting for the next hour. In this time, prepare your BBQ eating medium (buns, sauce, straight, etc.) 1 HOUR and we FEAST!!!!

After an hour, remove the butt from the foil container. Using your hands or a fork, shred the meat into bite size portions.

Your butt should look like a pile of shredded pork when complete

Add it to your fresh bread and cover with your favorite sauce. DONE!!!

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