How to make a "butterfly blossoms" rainbow loom bracelet

Start with the loom placed this way and the arrows facing away from you

Place a band here. (In the bracelet I will be using pastel-y colors for the cute flower/butterfly affect)

Place another here

2 going up

One here

And here

Place 2 figure 8 bands here for the blooms

Place another color here

Go from steps 3-8 to make another "circle"

Do this all the way to the top

Flip loom over

First place a doubled band (cap band) on the tip of the one closest to you

Take the top purple

Loop it over to the side

Do the same on the second one

Take the side band

Loop it up

Same with the opposite side

Take the one above that

Loop it to the center

Take the other side band

Loop that to the center too

Refer to steps 14-23 and loop the rest of the loom like that

Put your hook through the top peg

Slide it up to make sure it doesn't fall off when u remove it

Take off the loom

Flip loom over again to start the extension. Have the arrow facing away from you

Place bands on one side starting from the bottom up

Flip over the loom

Place bracelet on that end after you flip it over

Take the bottom band

Loop up

Do this all the way up

Add c-clip to the end

Take it off the loom and connect the ends

All done!

All finished! You can add different colors to the pattern as well! Don't forget to follow and like!!;) have an amazing day!

Watch the video: Butterfly Blossom Ring Rainbowloom

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