How to make perfect french press coffee

Get your supplies ready.

Get your other 2 supplies ready that weren't shown in first picture. :-)

Bring water to a boil. You will need almost a full kettle for 50 ounces. After it's boiling, remove from heat for 30 seconds. IMPORTANT!! Removing from heat is ESSENTIAL.

While the water is boiling, grind your coffee. For 50 ounces of water, I used 70 grams of coffee for the Stumptown Hair Bender roast.

Weigh out 70 grams of ground coffee- Note - the ramekin weighs 68.2 grams.

Pour the ground coffee into the bottom of the French Press. Your water should still be coming to a boil at this time.

Once the coffee is ground and the water is 30 seconds off the boil, pour water into the French press until half full.

Here is the half full press with coffee beginning to bloom.

After 1 minute of bloom, stir your coffee with a chopstick or other wooden utensil. A good stir takes about 7 seconds. It is very important that you let the bloom occur for 1 minute.

After you stir, pour the rest of the hot water into the press.

Fill the press, it should look like this.

Place the press lid in place.

Set a timer for 4 minutes and press start.

After 4 minutes, plunge the press.

Pour your coffee.

Enjoy your coffee!

Watch the video: How to Brew Coffee in a French Press

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