How to make a cute dream catcher

Here is the hoop I am using, with a 5" diameter.

Here is the yarn I am using for the wrapping around. You'll also need a needle for later.

To start off, tie your yarn to your hoop securely.

Wrap the yarn around and around the hoop, making sure that it is tight, and not overlapping either. You can wrap the yarn in sections, as this will be more secure, and tighter.

I have finished wrapping it, and tie the end off. It took me no longer than 20min to wrap.

Using this diagram, as a guide, begin weaving the web in the middle. This is when you will use your needle. Tie securely off when finished.

Before I tied it off, I added a bead in the middle.

These feathers are purchased from a craft store. Trim the stem down to length, leaving 2cm.

With a separate piece of yarn (15-25cm) tie the bottom to the base of your feather. Make sure to thread the end of your yarn through a needle, as you will be stringing in beads.

After wrapping around the stem of the feather, and threading a bead through, tie a knot at the base of the bead. Then attach the whole piece to the bottom of your hoop.

You can stop here, or you can add more items to hang down. I chose to add different textured yarn.

Repeat steps 8-11 as many times as desired, making sure to vary the length of the pieces dangling down. You can also attach other items of your choice, like a whole string of bead/sequins.

You can see here in the final product, that I hung feathers, beads, sequins, and different textured yarns.

In the centre, I also made a clay rose, baked it, glazed it, and drilled a hole through the base, before sewing onto the web. Personalize it to suit you!

Using another piece of yarn, attach the two ends to the top of your dream catcher, so you can hang your creation!

And now it's done! I hope you enjoyed this guide and that you will try this out!

Watch the video: DIY Tutorial l How to make a Moon Dreamcatcher? Macrame Decor

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