How to do bantu knots/ heat free curls

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Part your hair according to where you want it once finished, just so you don't have to disturb your beautiful curls.

Now grab a section of hair. The smaller the section the tighter the curl.

It looks more natural if you don't section the hair into straight parts.

At this point you can choose to spray a setting spray or some sort of holding spray. Personally, I usually don't but sometimes I lightly mist it with water.

I cover mine with a satin bonnet overnight. I've left them in for just 3hours and the curls were still extremely bouncy. Whatever your preference 😁

TIME FOR THE REVEAL ! When you untwist the knots, you can apply a little coconut oil to your fingertips to cut down on frizz. Then separate the curls for a more voluminous look.


Watch the video: Heatless Curls Tutorial + WATCH GIVEAWAY!

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