How to make pcrm's tofu scramble

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Drain tofu, then finely "chop" in medium bowl. Here, I used Pampered Chef Mix'N'Chop in 4 Qt Stainless Mixing Bowl. The chopped tofu will resemble scrambled eggs.

Add turmeric to give your scramble a nice yellow, "eggy" color. If you don't care about the color, you can omit this step; although, turmeric is wonderful!

Chop onion, mushroom and spinach using Manual Food Processor (or manually with a good knife, such as 5" Santoku). Slice green onion, if using.

Add onions & mushrooms first to hot skillet, and sauté a couple of minutes. Add other optional veggies. Press in garlic.

Stir in chopped tofu, then spinach, then green onions (if using). Shown here in Pampered Chef's 11" Ceramic Skillet.

If you'd like an "eggy" taste, lightly sprinkle with Kala Namak (black salt; although, it's not black; it's pink!) an Indian seasoning that tastes exactly like egg yolk. No joke.

Another excellent optional seasoning to add. (to nearly anything!)

Serve with whole-grain toast, or inside corn tortilla as a wrap, or all by itself. Enjoy!

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