How to make a valentines heart accordion

Find construction paper in a color of your choice. Each sheet can make four valentines.

Fold the paper lengthwise in half.

Fold it lengthwise in half again.

Unfold the paper and cut it into four strips, either with scissors or a paper slicer. It doesn't have to be perfectly straight.

Take one strip and fold it in half.

Unfold the paper and then fold each end to the center, lined up at the crease.

Flip the folded paper over and fold each end to the center, lined up with the crease.

Unfold the paper and refold it so that it makes a zig zag accordion.

Align the paper so the fold is to the left. Draw a half heart, with the center of the heart on the left folded edge. The top should reach the top edge and the right edge is what will NOT be cut.

Cut from the bottom point to the right edge of the heart.

Leaving about a cm uncut on the right edge, cut off the top of the heart.

Unfold the hearts.

Use stamps, markers, stickers, glitter, etc. to decorate the valentine.

Here is an example of the stamps we used on ours.

Here is an example of our completed valentine. Fold it up and put it in an envelope for the recipient.

Watch the video: Heart Card Accordion Tutorial. ScrapbookExplosion Box Interactive Card Ideas Birthday,Valentine

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