How to make non-fat lamb & prawn biryani (from scratch!)

Prepare all the veg! Peel garlic, dice carrots, chop the chilli.

Like so!

Brown the lamb and prepare the lamb stock in a jug.

Add all the spices to a cup to then add to the lamb in one go.

Like so! Add a little of the stock (just a little) and add the cup of spices.

Ok? Let it bubble away for a few minutes

Add the carrot, chilli and garlic.

Smelling good! Add the rest of the stock.

And add the rice!

Allow to simmer gently. Stir occasionally, you may need to add more stock bit by bit to stop it drying out and burning.

Cover loosely with a lid (or tin foil) and do some washing up! And for goodness sake, DONT RUB YOUR EYES AFTER CHOPPING CHILLI.

Add the prawns and then it's just a matter of waiting for both rice and prawns to cook right through.

Serve with a ton of baby spinach leaves. They will wilt over the rice and be delicious and get that all-important iron into your body! Lovely stuff. ENJOY! xxxxxx

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