How to make cookie dough brownie bites

Add butter and sugars to a bowl and mix until creamy

Add the milk and vanilla

Beat well

Add a pinch of salt

And flour

Mix well. It gets tough to mix, I had to add a little water...about a tbsp.

Add 1 cup mini chocolate chips and mix

Take about a 1/2 tbsp of the mixture and roll into balls. You can do whatever size you want. I started small then got tired of rolling. Once finished freeze for about an hour until firm

Make sure your brownies are cooled and then take your dough balls out of the freezer

Cut small sections. The first couple will be trial and error. You'll get the size down depending on how big you rolled the dough

Flatten out the brownie...

Like this. Then take the cookie dough and wrap the brownie around the dough.

Forgot to take pics. Hands were very messy. Once you are all done rolling...melt your bark or candiquik. Then take a fork or something similar and coat the balls with the chocolate. Top w/ mini chips

View from the inside. These take a bit of work but are so goooood!!!

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