How to uncover secrets of making a malay's sambal

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Get ingredients prepared as listed. Next photo shows dried chillies soaking in hot sugared water (This is to soak up water faster). Please check supplies list for other preparations.

Warning: the danger of fire is highly imminent. If you don't like it burning hot, then you'd better not proceed any further. You've been warned.

Basically, you put all ingredients in food processor and process till creamy in texture. But since this is Snapguide, let's enjoy the steps. 1st, start with putting those small but very hot chillies,

followed by the big red chillies...

and onions. Then add the rest of ingredients. (Sugared water for the soaking dried chillies should be discarded - it's done it's' job)

...blitz in a pulsing way at first, then gradually speed up continuously till...

...this texture. Blitz more if you want it creamier. Taste it to your liking but if you follow exact quantities, you won't go wrong. I've made this many times and adjusted ingredients to taste right.

Bottle it and store in fridge. It should stay good for a month. Use it as a condiment with rice or as secret ingredient Malays use in making sambal for nasi lemak. (Refer my other guide on nasi lemak)

Have it neat, a little at a time with rice and be prepared to breathe out fire, but you'll want more. Douse mouth with milk to put out flame if you have to. Otherwise, enjoy, and yes; Always Be Kind.

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