How to make chinese dumplings-jiaozi

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The first step is to mix flour with water. Slowly add water, little by little, kneading with hands until a dough is formed. Then put the dough in a bowl and cover.

Chop pork, spring onions, ginger and cabbage.

Put minced cabbage in a bowl, and add minced pork, onion, ginger, paprika powder and cooking wine. Then stir up~

Heat oil, then mix oil in the bowl over high heat. Stir up ~

Sprinkle flour on table, oil hands, then knead a hunk of dough.

Divide into balls and flatten out each one.

Raw dumplings are ready! The next step is to cook dumplings.

Boil water

OK~when dumplings are well done, remove them with a slotted ladle. In China, we usually dip the dumplings in the vinegar, they taste good together.

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