How to make a multiple flower pin on corsage

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Mini carnations

Bakers fern

Baby's breath

Snips, floral tape, and wire

Cut all stems of the mini carnations (or flowers of choice) 1 inch. To estimate you can use the method in the picture.

Floral tape the carnation. Put tape in between thumb and pointer finger, pull tightly and you move down the stem.

Stop the tape at the end of the stem. There should be wire leftover. This will come in handy in a later step

Floral tape the different flowers together.

Pick a good piece of bakers fern and baby's breath.

Put bakers fern and baby's breath together.

Cut the stems of bakers fern and baby's breath to the same length of the carnations.

Floral tape all together. Stop at the end of stems leaving wire at the end.

Create a bow.

Put wire around center of bow to keep it together.

Wrap wire of bow around stems.

Floral tape all together, go all the way down to bottom of wire.

Pigtail the wire. (A method used. You can you a pen or any thing shaped similarly. Wrap wire around the pen to create pigtail look.)

Final product

In class, grade yourself, and then have a peer grade your corsage also.

If selling, place inside box.

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