How to prepare an open omelet

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Fry onion, ginger and garlic in butter 1/8th of onion per omelet

Add robot peppers. NOTE: 1/8 th of the whole pepper to be used for each colour.

Add handful of diced mushrooms and fry until soft at high heat. Handful mushrooms per serving

Season with salt and black pepper. NOTE that bacon and sausage later adds salt as well

Stir fry ready for use. Do not overcook it

On a smaller (18) pan, add butter at medium heat. One flat spoon of margarine or butter

Fry bacon and sausage in butter until well cooked NOTE: 2 bacon ranches and 1 sausage per omelet

Cut bacon into smaller strips and sausage into rings

Beat 2 eggs and fry on butter at medium heat

Put the fried eggs at the centre of the plate

Apply tomato chutney as a base (made with de-seeded tomatoes and tomato sauce or tomato paste)

Separate bacon and sausage into portions for each omelet

Place bacon strips onto the tomato sauce base

Place stir fry on top of bacon

Place sausage slices on top of stir fry. Sausages may be cut length wise

Cover the top with cheddar cheese or white mozzarella cheese

Place the plate in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to melt the cheese Then garnish and serve hot

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